Let’s face it. We don’t always have the necessary things we need for cleaning. The moment we have to use one, we have to go to the nearest store to get one.  


Whether you are cleaning a bedroom for a guest, or just cleaning the house as part of the maintenance, you will need help from several handy cleaning tools. Different surfaces call for different tools. But here we have round up a list of cleaning tools for you that will work on most surfaces they’re meant for. 


  1. Spray Bottles 

Spray bottles are useful if you have a DIY cleaning recipe so you can store them in the bottles. They will also come handy if you need to rinse a particular spot with water. They come in different sizes, holding different volumes so you can be assured to find one. 

       2. Microfiber Cloths 

Microfiber can clean surfaces on its own. Dampen the cloth and you will get an even better cleaning power. Microfiber holds on to dust and soil which makes them great for cleaning without getting an allergy. They are amazing because they won’t scratch any surface either. 

       3. White Cleaning Towels 

Although microfiber cloths come in different sizes as well, there are times that you will need something thicker. Cleaning towels can also work great when used in cleaning. Whites ones are better though because unlike colored towels, white ones don’t have a dye that might transfer to a surface when dampened and used for cleaning. Also, white cleaning towels can be bleached if they come out really dirty and will need cleaning themselves. 

       4 . Squeegee 

A squeegee is a handy tool that you can use alone or attach to an extension pole. Squeegees are great for keeping windows clean and free from streaks. It can also keep your mirror and glass door in the shower mold-free.  

       5. Scrub Brush 

A scrub can be used to clean indoors and outdoors. It has a ton of uses such as cleaning the patio, scrubbing the grout, etc which makes it great tool to have around the house.  

      6. Toothbrush 

Yup. A toothbrush isn’t only for brushing the teeth. A regular toothbrush doesn’t cost that much but you can always reuse the old one you have. Disinfect your old toothbrush and use to clean the rims and faucet on the sink, scrub the grout, and other surfaces that can only be reached by using a small cleaning tool. 

      7. Dusting Kit with Extension 

Dust is never a friend to the allergic. Maintaining dust-free walls and ceilings can be a chore unless you are blessed with height, or if you don’t mind climbing some steps. If you’re not any of those, then a dusting kit with extension is a must to have. Cleaning the ceiling, walls, light fixtures, etc can now be a breeze.  


Cleaning your house regularly will definitely help maintain it. It also feels good to live in a clean house. Who would want to live in a dirty one? There are a lot of things and surfaces to clean inside your home. This can be a chore. Should you need the help of a professional, you need only call Happy Cleaning Services of Jacksonville if you live in the area.