Paints are an amazing way to upgrade your current space. Painting a room with a fresh new coat in a new color will elevate the overall style and appearance of the space. Usually, most people think only about the color they want when they think about having a room painted or repainted. But there are other things to consider when it comes to paint like its base ingredient and finish. Choosing the right paint in the store can be intimidating and overwhelming.  This guide will help you know more about the different kinds of paint and narrow down your choices. 


Base Ingredient 



The main ingredient for water-based paint is water. It gives off less odor and fumes. Water-based paints don’t usually have a glossy finish which can make the surface less smooth. They dry really fast and the colors to choose from are numerous. Cleaning paint brush and rollers used is easy. 



Oil-based paints, on the other hand, have oil as the main ingredient. These paints are basically the opposite of water-based ones: they have stronger odor and fumes and have a glossier finish which can make the surface smoother. Oil-based paints dry for quite a long time. It will take a couple of hours before they dry completely. There are limited colors available and cleaning painting tools will involve paint thinners. 





Glossy paint is further categorized into two: semi-gloss and high-gloss. As the name suggests, semi-gloss paint isn’t as much reflective and shiny as the high-gloss one. You can tell one apart from the other by looking at the reflective level label at the back of the can, or you can ask the salesperson about it. Either way, glossy paints are great if you want easy clean-up. 


Flat or Matte 

Contrary to glossy paints, matte or flat paints don’t have any shine in them. They appear more pronounced in dark colors. They are also popular in contemporary homes.  The only drawback to this finish is that it’s pretty difficult to clean.  



A satin finish is somewhere in between matte and glossy finishes. They have enough shine in them without being too obvious. Cleaning is also easier compared to flat and matte surfaces. 




Eco-friendly Paint 

This paint is a natural alternative for the traditional can of paint we are all used to. If you are one of those people who are particular with chemicals, this might be a great option for you. Eco-friendly paints are made with natural materials and ingredients like milk proteins, clay, citrus, and other minerals. Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are generally low in this type of paint which makes it safer. But this paint is only intended for indoor use because it doesn’t stand well when used outside.  



Some paint manufacturers incorporate fungicides and other antibacterial ingredients to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. These paints are usually used in the kitchen or bathroom where moisture is always present. 


If you are planning to have a space in your home painted or repainted, you can contact Orlando Paint Solutions if you live on the premises.